How to Add a Unique Touch to Your Panties and Boost Sales

This website is all about celebrating the allure of wet panties and the individuals who embrace them! If you're new to, you might be interested to know that there are numerous fun and enticing ways to make your panties damp and attract more buyers to your store.

While selling standard panties that you've worn on an average day is perfectly fine, incorporating some variety into your truliki profile can make your offerings more enticing and profitable. Here are eight sexy and satisfying ways to make your soaked panties extra special:

Sensual Self-Pleasure

Masturbation produces a variety of enticing fluids that leave a delightful scent in your underwear. To make your soaked panties more alluring, consider masturbating while wearing them and explicitly mentioning this in your ads. Take it a step further by providing buyers with details about your intimate session. Did you engage in a secret masturbation session in a naughty setting where you couldn't resist? Did you watch an erotic video? What toys did you use, if any? How many orgasms did you experience? You could even offer buyers the option to request specific pleasurable activities.

How to Add a Unique Touch to Your Panties and Boost Sales

How to understand if you have a fetish for worn panties?

Have you ever caught yourself thinking that while watching porn, you only think about how the girl's pussy in the scene smells? Or when buying underwear for your partner, do you think that your taste in that garment is more interesting than your partner's? Maybe there was a time when you somehow smelled dirty panties, and the thoughts about it lingered in your mind for a long time?

You are not alone in your fantasies! This industry is well-developed in many countries and is gaining momentum every day.

So how can you understand if you have this fetish or not? For many people, this interest manifests itself in childhood. Perhaps you remember a story of secretly taking your sister's friend's panties, for example. Or while flipping through a magazine, you specifically paid attention to the lingerie. If anything resurfaces in your memory, then perhaps you have this fetish.

For each individual, this interest unfolds in its own way. Some people simply enjoy the smell of dirty laundry, while others find it particularly exciting to think that the lingerie was worn by an incredibly sexy stranger. And some are even open to wearing such underwear themselves. It doesn't matter what your specific fantasy is; on the internet, you can always find someone who will bring it to life.

There's no need to be ashamed of your sexual desires. It's important to remember that all fetishes are acceptable as long as they don't harm anyone and occur with mutual consent.

By buying worn panties online, you not only fulfill your fantasies but also avoid the risks and consequences of stealing underwear. Moreover, purchasing panties from a stranger leaves room for imagination, and during masturbation, you can easily fantasize a very spicy story!

If you're not sure if dirty panties can actually arouse you, there's nothing wrong with that! If you don't like the item you purchased, you can easily get rid of it by simply throwing it away and never returning to this topic. But on the other hand, what if the purchase brings you true pleasure? It's worth a try, don't you think?

My hobby that makes me money

For several years now, I have been selling my used underwear online. It's a great source of income, which has allowed me to, for example, travel abroad a couple of times. I learned about the demand for panties with a scent from a friend. At that time, I had some financial difficulties, but this small business helped me out. I posted ads with colorful photos of my panties on several websites and also provided some information about myself. I sold my first dirty panties for 500 rubles. Now, I have a customer base, and my prices are much higher. Most of my customers are men from Russia, although I have a few buyers from Europe as well.

I often receive orders for worn panties with the scent of sweat. It's not a problem because I regularly visit the gym and then remove my underwear. I pack it in vacuum-sealed bags and send it to the recipients. I also receive orders for tights and dirty socks with a scent. And there is one fetishist who buys my used shoes. It's great because I don't have to throw them away, and I receive money on my card. It's really an effortless way to make money. The only downside is that I have to constantly go to stores and buy new underwear. However, it saves me time on washing it.

Sometimes, men offer to meet me after purchasing my items. I don't do this, at least partly because I don't want to make my business public. Although I've heard that some girls who sold their underwear to fetishists started providing intimate services for money. But that's more of a moral issue.

Who buys used panties?

In reality, there is a wide variety of fetishes, and there is no point in listing them all. In this particular case, the excitement is caused by panties with a scent, worn pantyhose, socks, and other wardrobe items. It's as normal as watching adult movies. The scent of a woman's body is an incredibly arousing thing, and that's no secret to anyone. It's not surprising that men enjoy sniffing worn underwear, which retains desirable scents for a long time, arousing themselves and bringing themselves to ecstasy.

For example, in Japan, until recently, dirty panties were even sold in vending machines installed right on the streets. They also offered to purchase underwear from schoolgirls and college students, who are popular in the country. Nowadays, in the Land of the Rising Sun, you can buy scented tights and panties in special stores.

This is a perfectly legal business that brings its owners multimillion-dollar profits. In our country, you can sell used panties on the internet. There are quite a few specialized platforms for this purpose. There are also special clubs where fetishists gather. It is said that enterprising individuals buy such underwear in bulk and then sell it in Japan.

However, regardless of that, it has become a wonderful source of additional income for girls. And there is nothing similar to prostitution in this. People who practice fetishizing clothing are not focused on sex. They can communicate with the woman who sells them her panties, but nothing more. Moreover, such communication often takes place online. Although there are desperate sellers who meet their clients in real life.

The individuals who purchase scented items are not losers or perverts, as it may seem at first glance. Most often, they are successful people who can afford such purchases.

What type of lingerie to sell to fetishists?

Before selling used lingerie, it is important to understand how to choose it correctly. You wouldn't want to send old, holey underwear to a buyer. Although sometimes there are buyers for such items as well. For the most part, lingerie fetishists have refined tastes. Offer them silk or lace sets. And you can purchase them online or at any shopping center. It's not a problem these days. Plus, you don't even have to spend money on expensive brands because customers are interested in dirty panties, not flashy labels.

Most often, people buy panties with a scent. So it's best to stock up on those. You can list ready-made items on different websites or communicate with customers and prepare the lingerie for sale according to their preferences. Cotton or silk items are the best at absorbing body aromas. There are no limitations when it comes to styles. It could be briefs, thongs, or shorts. Don't forget that you'll have to take photos of these items for your wardrobe. Therefore, it's better to choose underwear that looks good on your body and accentuates its features.

And wearing the underwear should be comfortable for the owner. Sometimes buyers even request that the underwear not be removed for several days or even weeks. Stockings, socks, and tights with a scent are often purchased as well. There are no specific rules for choosing them. Buy what you or your client likes. Worn bras, tank tops, and robes are also frequently requested. So if you want to earn well and develop in the field of selling fetish items, it's worth buying such items too. Be bold and don't be afraid to experiment. There will always be a buyer for any type of lingerie or item. Fetish lingerie is very common, so the horizons are virtually limitless.