Experienced Salesperson's Story: Building a Business on Dirty Panties

My name is Anna, I'm 26 years old. I have been selling used underwear for 4 years now, and I can share my experience with girls who are starting in this business.

First of all, I'm aroused by men who sniff me and enjoy the scent. If a young man puts his finger between my legs, inhales the aroma of my pussy, and licks it, I'm ready to jump on him with immense passion. I've known about this particular aspect of my sexuality since the beginning of my intimate relationships. But discovering that it could be turned into a profitable business happened four years ago. That's when I went on a trip to an amazing country - Japan. I was astonished to see how many stores they had selling unwashed underwear. They explained to me that the Japanese are very sensual, and the scent of a girl's panties excites them greatly. That's where I made my first sale. We stayed in a hotel without a washing machine, and I had accumulated a lot of dirty laundry.

With the money I earned, I bought a wide variety of lingerie - panties , stockings, bras in different colors. I came back home and started looking for platforms to sell dirty underwear. It turned out there were quite a few, and the competition was fierce. I created a profile on a website, spent a long time thinking about my nickname and profile, and finally created an account. I called myself "Pink Kitty."

An unfamiliar name attracts buyers who want to know what your nickname means and already show interest in you. With every photo, I attached an intriguing and sexual story in which the item I was selling was always involved. For example, a story about how my boss called me into his office and punished me for poor performance by bending me over. Or how I found myself in a stuck elevator with a sexy, rugged man, and he took me right against the wall. Some of my stories were made up, while others were true. But I always felt desire when I thought of a new sale and the accompanying story.

Gradually, I increased the price of my used lingerie, and I gained regular customers who could come up with ideas for what to buy, where to wear it, and how to take photos.

I enjoy the business I'm in. It brings me a constantly growing income and pleasure. I like that someone desires me and gets excited by my scent, even without seeing what I look like.

To all the aspiring girls, I wish you luck and engagement in this process. Remember that the customer is your friend, so be sociable, friendly, and honest, and you will succeed.