My hobby that makes me money

For several years now, I have been selling my used underwear online. It's a great source of income, which has allowed me to, for example, travel abroad a couple of times. I learned about the demand for panties with a scent from a friend. At that time, I had some financial difficulties, but this small business helped me out. I posted ads with colorful photos of my panties on several websites and also provided some information about myself. I sold my first dirty panties for 500 rubles. Now, I have a customer base, and my prices are much higher. Most of my customers are men from Russia, although I have a few buyers from Europe as well.

I often receive orders for worn panties with the scent of sweat. It's not a problem because I regularly visit the gym and then remove my underwear. I pack it in vacuum-sealed bags and send it to the recipients. I also receive orders for tights and dirty socks with a scent. And there is one fetishist who buys my used shoes. It's great because I don't have to throw them away, and I receive money on my card. It's really an effortless way to make money. The only downside is that I have to constantly go to stores and buy new underwear. However, it saves me time on washing it.

Sometimes, men offer to meet me after purchasing my items. I don't do this, at least partly because I don't want to make my business public. Although I've heard that some girls who sold their underwear to fetishists started providing intimate services for money. But that's more of a moral issue.