Preferences of used underwear fetishists

Today, the sale of used underwear is quite popular. Many women sell panties and other wardrobe items with a scent online. However, each buyer has their own preferences that must be taken into account.

Scent of extended wear. These dirty panties are most commonly purchased. It is recommended to wear them for a period of two to six days, although some fetishists ask women to wear underwear for several weeks. The price increases accordingly, although this approach is not very healthy for women's well-being.

Sweat odor. To sell such used underwear, one will literally have to sweat for it. Most likely, you will need to exercise while wearing the lingerie to imbue it with that magical scent. Squats or a jog might be necessary.

Sometimes, buyers request panties with the scent of post-sex or masturbation. It is not uncommon for orders to include traces of intimate fluids on the fabric. Sometimes, customers even demand photo or video evidence of the act. However, most of the time, they are satisfied with detailed descriptions of the sexual act or self-pleasure.

Used panties with the scent of urine are also sought after. In this case, it is necessary to urinate on them before shipping and then pack them in a vacuum-sealed bag after drying. By the way, there are even more unusual requests.

Underwear with menstrual stains is also in demand among fetishists. The important thing is to inquire beforehand whether the buyer wants the item with blood stains or simply worn during those days.

The requirements vary greatly. You can sell tights with traces of dirt or well-worn shoes. There is a stable demand for various wardrobe items. The key is not to be afraid and to experiment boldly.