Selling Used Underwear Secrets

As it is known, lingerie fetishism is quite common and even popular. Nowadays, it is easy to buy or sell used underwear and other wardrobe items online. Women who want to earn some extra income sell them and can make a decent profit. At first glance, it may seem simple, but in reality, it requires some effort. This is also a kind of business, and it should be approached seriously and responsibly.

Used lingerie is sold on various websites, so it's important to create an appealing presentation. As it is well known, men are visual creatures, and fetishists are no exception. No one will pay attention to wrinkled, dirty panties lying on the floor or among other items. It's necessary to take good photographs from multiple angles. It's best to showcase the lingerie on oneself as it's more likely to attract potential buyers. There's no need to worry about extra weight or body imperfections. People have diverse preferences, especially since they're buying wardrobe items, not the body itself.

Earning from used lingerie always involves interacting with customers. For fetishists, establishing an emotional connection with the seller is crucial. It's important to share as much as possible about oneself and provide detailed answers to their questions. Girls who neglect this rule sell very little or don't sell at all. If someone decides to buy dirty panties, they may express their specific requirements in the correspondence. For example, they may request that you wear the underwear for several days without taking it off, or even masturbate in it.

Here, it's up to you to decide whether to agree or not. Some women include additional intimate photos and postcards with arousing text in the packages to attract repeat customers. This is a highly effective marketing tactic that appeals to buyers.