What do worn panties smell like? They smell like money to the seller.

However, buyers have various preferences when it comes to the scent of worn underwear. Let's consider the most common ones:

Odor of extended wear: Usually, the seller specifies how long they expect to wear the underwear. The most common duration is between 2 to 5 days.

Masturbation scent: This produces a stronger smell compared to regular wear since there is the additional secretion of intimate fluids.

Scent of sex: A buyer may want you to engage in sexual activity with your partner while wearing the panties and then sell them. Requests regarding the frequency of sexual encounters and ejaculation may be made. Sharing details about your partner can further increase the buyer's interest.

Placement of the panties in specific areas before sale: This can involve the mouth, vagina, or anus. It is less common than regular wear, so there is less competition, allowing the seller to set a higher price for such underwear.

Urine: "Golden showers" are quite popular among buyers of unwashed items. Soak your panties in urine before sale and let them dry before shipping, unless the buyer specifies otherwise.

Sweat: Physical exercise, sports activities, and sweating are appealing to buyers. They may request a specific workout, such as running or squats.

Menstrual odor: Clarify with the buyer if they want the panties to have actual drops of blood or if they simply want them to be worn during menstruation.

Other smells: Perhaps the buyer wants you to trample on berries and fruits or wear specific shoes for a certain amount of time. Requests can be quite diverse. It's important not to be afraid to experiment and enjoy the process with the buyer. If something is unacceptable to you, you can always decline and politely explain your position.