Why am I selling used underwear?

I worked as a bartender at one of the establishments. Even with tips, my salary was often not enough. And then an opportunity to earn money from used lingerie came my way. I posted a photo of myself in a tight-fitting shirt on one of the social media platforms. A few days later, a follower offered to buy it. I was a bit taken aback, but nevertheless, I agreed. I packed the unwashed shirt with a hint of sweat in a vacuum-sealed bag and sent it to the customer by mail. And he sent the payment to my bank account. I had never imagined before that used clothing could bring in income.

I slowly got involved in this field and gradually learned its nuances. Now I actively sell dirty panties and some other wardrobe items on various websites and occasionally on social media. I already have regular customers whose preferences I am well acquainted with. There is a man who buys panties from me with the scent of post-masturbation discharge. He also placed an order for used sexual toys. It turns me on personally, even though I never thought about something like fetish lingerie before. The thought that someone is pleasuring themselves and experiencing orgasm from my dirty underwear excites me. Plus, I really enjoy engaging with new people on various intimate topics because I'm an open-minded person.

Used panties and stockings with a scent sell well for me. I've taken bright and professional photos, of course, without showing my face. Anonymity is very important in today's world. I've increased my prices several times. There are many people willing to pay decent amounts for dirty panties. I quit my previous job, and now my income is enough for a comfortable life. Thanks to this fetish, I'm saving money to buy my own apartment, and I'm confident it will work out for me.