About | Marketplace for used women's underwear | Buy and Sell used Panties, Pantyhose, Stockings, Shoes, Socks


A marketplace for selling used women's underwear was developed in 2019 by programmers from the USA and Russia.

The Truliki website is a unique service where you can sell and buy dirty underwear. It can be panties, bras, socks, stockings, pantyhose, used sex toys, and other fetish items. Sellers are ready to fulfill many buyer's requests and execute individual orders.

Selling and buying fetish items through the website is convenient, reliable, and secure! You can have private correspondence, add users to friends, block those with whom you do not want to continue communication, and simply chat with those who interest you.

For those who are just discovering the world of fetishes and considering the possibility of buying or selling used panties, we would like to introduce them to this expression of human sexuality.

Sexual fetishism is when worn clothing, shoes, or personal items serve as a stimulus for sexual arousal. This is normal! Some people are aroused by reading erotic stories, some by watching erotic videos, and fans of used underwear are aroused by the female scent that is preserved on the underwear or shoes.

If a man enjoys smelling panties that a woman has worn, it only means one thing - he likes women and all manifestations of female sexuality. The scent of a woman's body is an incredibly arousing thing, and women's underwear perfectly preserves it, allowing you to enjoy the intimate aroma for quite a long time, dreaming and fantasizing, getting aroused and bringing yourself to orgasm.